Jung And The Arroz Con Coco


A Patient’s Report:


I had a dream last night, maybe you can help.

I am at a fairly toney restaurant with an amazingly attractive practitioner of the head sciences.  We’re having a riveting conversation about transference and the invention of the wooden clothing hanger.  Between courses of bandeja paisa and the arroz con coco, I reached for the napkin, which is on my lap, but instead I found myself caressing a unsheathed, hairy, muscular thigh.  As our eyes met I excused myself and fled for to the restroom in the hopes of recovering what was left of my composure.

Having dried my hands, I turned to leave the restroom the incredibly attractive shrink was blocking the restroom’s exit.  As I reached for the doorknob, the shrink advanced upon my person.  Just then I woke up.  Any clarity would be appreciated.

P.S. Jung please not Freud

Doctor’s Reply:

As a Jungian-oriented dream decipher, I need to have a parallel dream in order to efficiently connect to the unconscious/conscious self-axis.  However, due to the enormity of my demands, I can no longer dream. So, I will view the dream from an ego perspective, peppering it with Jungian terminology.  I tried to identify the strong potential feeling that the dream could elucidate in order to have an angle. My hunch of one strong feeling could be related to your caressing a hairy, unsheathed muscular thigh.  This image has to be further amplified to discover the hidden meaning.


Let’s see, a thigh…..we could explore the meaning of a thigh- chicken thigh is what comes to me immediately, can’t stop thinking of the bandeja paisa and arroz con coco.  This entire line of inquiry puts me in mind of a patient, male, who was having commitment phobias.  In one of our last sessions I gave him three Chinese radishes to carry with him for one week; at the end of that week he was to prepare a mooli for his wife and himself.  The treatment cured him of his commitment issues but as a consequence he became obsessed with mooli soup serving it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner driving his wife from the house and the marriage.







Our time is up, we will continue during our next session.