A Pawn Shop


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I find pawnshops depressing. Years ago, my sister and I visited a Las Vegas pawn shop, she seems to always find good deals in them, I was surprised that the shop was so empty but the parking lot was full.

When I expressed this to the shop owner he laughed and said, “Those cars aren’t customers they’re pawns.” Pawns? Depressingly, people pawned their cars for more gambling dough. That did it for me….so sad.

My other pawnshop experience is happier. Whenever my pal Roberta needed cash she’d take her inherited emerald, diamond, and ruby jewelry out of the freezer and down to the pawn shop on Mission Street between 16th and 17th street. whenever she’d stop by my desk at work to teblog writing ll me she needed my help I knew it was pawn shop time.

Yesterday, walking by that same pawnshop on the hunt for an audio mixer, I decided to go in. Buzzed in I couldn’t believe how it had changed. Before it was drab but now it reminded me of a room at the Neptune Society where you go to choose which cremation arrangement you’d prefer.

The prices were unbelievable high. As expensive as buying the same item new with a warranty and stuff.

Does anyone know what that’s about? Why so pricey? The loans seem to be a fraction of the value so wassup with the price spiking?

Please help solve the mystery?